How Do Duffle Bags Different From Others

We designs duffle bags that are customized for specific functions, whether for sports or long trips. Going out of our regular way to make our bags secure, we use PVC and TPU fabric to ensure that water does not easily seep through and airtight zippers secure the contents within the bags from rainfall. Our duffle bags are flexible enough to carry sports equipment and other bulky objects.

We are manufacturer work with raw materials to come up with a complete travel duffle bag, and use your demands to determine actual production methods. The combination of labor and automation systems, greatly improve the production efficiency of the final products. Customized for different sizes, our bags can be outfitted with adjustable straps and small organized pockets to hold a variety of items that a traveler may need.

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    Ultralight Material

    Our duffle bags are made of PVC and TPU, with each material being very suitable for water sport outdoor activities.

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    Double-layered Base

    The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a second layer, making the duffle bag stronger and more capable of handling a full load.

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    Detachable Shoulder Strap

    The shoulder strap makes carrying the travel duffle bag on your back or holding it in your hand very comfortable when making a long journey.

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