Our Quality Management System

                    To make sure your orders are in excellent condition, We utilizes a strict quality management system through each aspect of our production process. Dedicated QC staff works with our production employees during each step of the process. The staff ensures the fabrics and the finalized product do not have any defect.

Our high-grade outdoor products can build customer confidence in your brand. Your buyers will rarely experience any problems with your goods and are highly likely to leave a positive review about your business.

Professional and Well-Equipped Workshops

                We minimize waste and streamline our production with inspected equipment, which translates to low prices of our outdoor products.

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Only Premium Materials

                Outdoor backpacks, bags, survival kit and gear from our production line are only made from premium raw materials. The quality control staff determines the quality as well as the cleanliness of our fabric, PVC sheet, and other components. The inspection process involves: pull testing, UV testing, vibration testing, and cyclical testing.

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    Pre-shipping inspection

    All the items are 100% pre-shipping inspected by us.We promise our outdoor products are to perform reliably in real world conditions.

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    Rain testing

    We use rain test to ensure the initial waterproof performance of the product,and most importantly increase the reliability of outdoor products.

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    Third party testing

    Our products have been tested by third-party organizations and obtained many certificates, including CE, FDA, ROHS, PAHs,IPX etc. we also accept third-party inspection before shipping.

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    UV Testing

    Materials are exposed to ultraviolet in a controlled environment. UV testing helps to find out the properties and service life of a material.

Details Matter During Production

                Strict quality control of each detail of our production process is important to make a positive impact on your buyers. Inspection at each step allows us to produce attractive and functional outdoor goods.

Customers are wary of any unattractive defects or design errors. Our thoroughly inspected outdoor products will make your business a reliable outdoor product supplier in the local and online community.

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                            Our experienced workers utilize high-frequency welds when reinforcing materials to ensure all products are waterproof.

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                            Our worker apply straight and consistent stitches while sewing your bags. That's why our outdoor products are beautiful and elegant.

  •                         The worker is to remove any glue or dirt on the product’s surface before applying the print. This is a necessary step for a perfect printing.


Double Check After Production

                    Upholding your branding standards is our QC staff’s mission during the production of your orders. The staff conducts a thorough QC examination of raw materials, semi-completed and completed items. Our QC system significantly ensures the proper condition of your orders without affecting our manufacturing speed.

Every bulk order from us has an acceptable quality level (AQL) 2.5, a high industry score that nearly all products are in excellent condition. Our responsible QC staff will be with you all the way from design to production. You can create a strong foundation for big return business thanks to our QC system.

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