How Do our Waterproof Backpacks Different From Others

Made for diving or other outdoor activities, our waterproof backpacks are a must-have due to their flexible and waterproof PVC and TPU fabric. Helped along by an airtight zipper, these bags do not let any droplet of water inside. Designed for convenience, our products possess soft sponge-ladden straps that do not leave any markings on the skin, and there’s gauze to cushion the back.

Suitable for various types of terrain, our backpacks can be customized to any size, design and color for variability in your product stock. We are not only the OEM project welcomer but also manufacture in waterproof backpacks for corporate, and can make sensible suggestions based on your specific requirements.

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    Weather Resistant Material

    Manufactured from waterproof material with UV protection, our waterproof resistant backpacks prevent water from penetrating.

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    Padded Shoulder Straps

    We insert a single piece of pad into the shoulder strap. The users will feel less pressured both on their shoulders and lower back.

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    Roll-top Closure

    Secured with a roll-top closure instead of zipper seal, waterproof backpacks are more likely to keep their contents away from water.

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