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Our Customizes to Your Specific Needs

We are adept at customizing unisex, functional, stylish, and versatile outdoor products. And we take pride in meeting nearly all of our clients' demands. You could get your customized products from us in only 3 steps.>> Brief of our company>>

  • Sales meeting
    Sales meeting
  • Container loading
    Container loading
  • package workshop
    package workshop
  • Sewing workshop
    Sewing workshop
  • High frequency welding
    High frequency welding
  • Sample making
    Sample making
  • Design
  • factory overview
    factory overview

We've Got An Impeccable Solution For Your Business

For Brand Owners
  • Logo customization enhances your brand name recognition.

  • Quality raw materials help you establish a good reputation among your customers.

  • Sample customization speeds up your new project to your target market.

  • Ingenious design differentiates your products from others' and helps you win over a bunch of customers.

For Wholesalers
  • Stylish design gives you an edge in the wholesale market.

  • Competitive pricing for over 500 PCS decreases your cost and increases your profit.

  • Quick delivery within 2 or 3 working days shortens your time connecting with your customers.

  • Multiple options for customization allow you to do modifications in terms of your end customers' needs.

What Makes Us So Special

Up-to-date Designing

Designing every item with utmost confidence, We boasts a team of skilled and passionate designers with over ten years of experience in producing ingenious designs. We have more than 100 patents in designing. We are continuously researching the latest outdoor market trends and our team submits new design plans on a regular basis to ensure that our products click with your end customers.

Our specialized design customization takes your requests into account by adding various features, such as internal pockets and airtight zippers. Get the latest quality outdoor bags from us.

designing papers on the table

100% Waterproof Outdoor Products

Materials such as TPU and CPV ensure our bags’ marketable quality and sustainable use. Taking 3 to 5 days, our factory uses materials with waterproof features for all of our outdoor products, from dry bags to water bladders.

We also include airtight zippers to further secure an IPX8 waterproof rating. The waterproof fabric will take away much of the troubles your customers face when enjoying their outdoor activities.

water drops on the orange leakfree leather

Quick Sampling

Stock samples are provided within 3 to 5 days upon request while our factory prepares our goods for shipping.

In our efficient and independent workshop, our skilled and experienced engineers work on outdoor products for 7 to 10 days using the latest machinery. Our quick sampling is also aided by a well-supplied inventory of materials, accessories, and ready-made samples that can be promptly delivered for your assessment.

quick sampling by using an advanced machine

More Benefits of Choosing Us

  • two people are discussing in front of a computer

    Free Consultation

    Any details, from color and size to a logo, that you want on your outdoor products, can be turned into reality with us.

    Free Consultation

  • a cloth tap on a piece of a cloth

    Flexible Customization

    Any details, from color and size to a logo, that you want on your outdoor products, can be turned into reality with SaiWei.

    Flexible Customization

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    Strict Quality Control

    Quality management runs through the whole process. QC staff, scientific tests, and machines are the cornerstone of our business.

    Strict Quality Control

  • a customer service personnel with a big smile

    Quick Response

    We know that a highly responsive manufacturer is crucial for your business. That is why any of your inquiries will be answered within 12 hours.

    Quick Response

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